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Fire Door Inspections for Responsible Persons

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

As a responsible person overseeing fire safety, it's crucial to regularly inspect fire doors to ensure they are in proper working condition. While professional assessments every six months are recommended, responsible persons should perform routine checks. This article provides a simplified guide on what to inspect and emphasizes the importance of professional assessment and maintaining inspection records.


Check for a certification label or plug on the door.

Ensure it is valid and verifies compliance with fire resistance standards.

Fully Closes and Latches

Appropriate Gaps

Firm Frame Attachment

Intact Seals


Door Closer

Hold Open Devices

Door Leafs and Glazing

Absence of Wedges

Latch Operation

Regular inspection and maintenance of fire doors are essential for ensuring fire safety. Responsible persons should perform these simplified checks on fire doors regularly. Engaging professionals for assessments and maintaining inspection records are vital to ensure compliance and the effectiveness of fire doors in protecting lives and property.

Hollinsend Fire Safety can supply an easy-to-use Fire Door Inspection Checklist. To obtain your free copy please email or call 0114 253 1344

If you have found issues with your fire doors, Hollinsend Fire Safety can help. Call us today for a free no-obligation quotation.

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